What is timer and why use it ?

A timer is a specialized type of clock for measuring time intervals. With this tool, you will be able to keep track on blue/red buff and dragon/baron. Installation is simple and easy, furthermore, you can operate it with mouse or keyboard and most importantly, it is allowed and legit. Sound effects will remind you when certain monster spawns.

How to install

This guide will show you how to install QuickLoL Timers on Windows. Other operating systems are NOT supported.
  1. Download RAR archive from here and extract it.
  2. Start League of Legends game
  3. Go to Options
  4. Set "Windowed Mode" to Bordeless (Windowed works too, but not recommended)
  5. Set Resolution to maximum available
  6. Start QuickLoL Timers.exe


After successful installation, below is what you should see on your screen.

You can change position of the box by selecting the top bar of it, and move it left/right or top/bottom. Box can't go outside of the screen.

Hey! To exit application, double-click on top bar.


You can toggle enemy timers by clicking on the right side of Baron Nashor icon.

Using the timers

Did you know? You can change all keyboard shortcuts in Settings (F6).

Taken from readme.txt file.

#Default keyboard shortcuts:
    F6 - OPEN settings
    F7 - START blue buff timer
    F8 - START red buff timer
    F9 - START dragon timer
    F10 - START baron timer
    8 - START enemy blue buff timer
    9 - START enemy red buff timer	
    0 - STOP all timers
#Mouse operations:
    Click on icon to START/STOP timer
    Double-click on form to close application
    Click on the right side of Baron Nashor icon to toggle enemy timers

Timer will play sound effect e.g. "blue buff now", "red buff now", "dragon now", "baron now" 5 seconds before respawn.